I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday!!!

Well, we are off to a great week.  Monday was book order night.  We went over all of the book orders and made our selections.  That is a lot of fun for Penn.  Gwyn starts her transition into the Blue room this week.  What a big girl.  She had snack in blue room today and it went really well.  She has a lot of friends in this room that had moved up before her. 

Penn was sick today with a fever and headache.  He slept all day until 5:30.  I think he was still tired from the weekend.  The lock-in really took it out of him.  Hopefully he will be back at school tomorrow.  Monday and Tuesday his teachers said he was being very creative with his play so it will be nice to see him get back in the swing of things!  This weekend we have a play date with Anna Casey and I think they will be bowling.  That should be lots of fun!!!!  All My Love, Mama    


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The weekkend!!

Penn had a lock-in last night so it was just Gwyn and myself at home.  We had a fun time, ate dinner, talked to grandma Trisha and took a bath.  I asked Penn today how you spell OK and said assstop.  Hummm…. 

We spent a lot of time working on the art project yesterday.  Penn got a haircut and I took Gwyn to get big girl panties.  She loved every minute of the shopping experience.  She took her panties that we had picked out up to the counter and gave them to the clerk.  She then insisted on carrying the bag out to the car all by herself.  That’s my girl!!  She is very proud of her new panties!!!  I hope she is proud enough to not have accidents in them!!  We will see.  All my love, Mama

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Penn Takes picture of Teddy in bed!

Penn Takes a picture of Teddy in Bed!!

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Penn is Studying about Michael Angelo in this class. So he wanted to put some of his art work on the ceiling of his bedroom over his bed! Good Idea!!!


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A boy and his art!


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